Scorpion Shield

The Shield Series IR features a 1.5 mil dual-ply, Nano-ceramic construction. Shield IR Nano-Ceramic is designed with you in mind. Offering the ultimate in UV protection, it achieves the highest heat rejection at any point on the Nanometer Solar Spectrum. The Solar Spectrum is measured between 250 nm up to 2500 nm.


Lifetime Year Warranty

Products and technical spec

Product Visible Light Transmitted Visible Light Reflected Total Solar Energy Rejected UV Rejection Glare Reduction
SH5IR 7 5% 58% 99% 92% Enquire now
SH15IR 16 5% 54% 99% 83% Enquire now
SH20IR 25 5% 51% 99% 71% Enquire now
SH35IR 36 5% 46% 99% 59% Enquire now
SH40IR 41 6% 44% 99% 50% Enquire now
SH50IR 52 6% 41% 99% 44% Enquire now
SH70IR 75 7% 35% 99% 33% Enquire now

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The Scorpion Shield Series is intended for use on the inside surface of windows. Scorpion Window Film is to be professionally applied by skilled, well-trained, Scorpion authorised installers. Windows can be considered operational after 24 hours.


Scorpion Window Films may be cleaned 14 days after installation using ordinary window cleaning agents and avoiding the use of abrasive particles. Do not use rough sponges, cloths or brushes. Synthetic sponges, soft wipes or rubber squeegee cleaners are recommended.

Key points

  • 2 Ply – 1.5 mil Nano-Ceramic IR Construction
  • Exceptional Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Rejection
  • Excellent Optical Quality
  • Lifetime Warranty