3M Automotive Window Films

Globally 3M window films are recognised as the market leaders in quality, performance and innovation. Having invented window film in 1966 3M have continued to improve not only their products but an entire industry.


3M Automotive Black Shade

3M’s Black Shade Series is a range of low cost non-metalised, dyed polyester films

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3M Automotive Metallic Shade

3M’s Metallic Shade Series is a range of low cost dyed metalised polyester films.

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3M Colour Stable

The Color Stable Series is a range of films consisting of 3M’s patented, non-metalised nanocarbon polyester.

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3M Crystalline

3M’s Crystalline Series is a range of patented multi layer and metal free nano-technology optical films.

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3M Scotchshield Automotive Security

3M’s Scotchshield Automotive Security Series is a range of combination safety and sun control films.

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