Scorpion Architectural Window Films

Reduce utility costs while reinforcing the durability, value and style of your home or office. With the Scorpion Architectural Series of commercial and residential window film, glass protection is just one of the many advantages.  You’ll also reap the benefits of energy savings. Reduce damaging glare and use our built-in solar control to achieve greater energy efficiency overall.  Choose from several decorative options, each designed to enhance the visual statement of your home or office design.


Scorpion Anti-Graffiti

The Anti-Graffiti Series provides both the protection of the Safety/Security Series and facilitates easy restoration without harsh chemicals that are unsafe for the environment.

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Scorpion Element

The Element Series provides excellent IR and heat rejection without compromising you style. Element offers a neutral and transparent color choice designed to improve the comfort inside your home or business.

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Scorpion Flare

The Flare Series of window film creates a distinctly decorative look that will enhance the overall curb appeal of any home or business. With a warm, copper tone, Flare offers exceptional performance and glare control.

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Scorpion Mirage

With a futuristic, metallic look, Mirage is a perfect option for today’s most sophisticated commercial and residential architecture.

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Scorpion Safety Security Clear

These films are designed to protect you, your family, and your property from flying shards of shattered glass caused by vandalism, earthquakes, explosions, and so on.

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Scorpion Vision

The Vision Series provides great optical clarity and low reflectivity. With a very soft, neutral color, Vision offers exceptional performance without any distortion, providing the clearest of views.

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